Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Coast Derby Girles Blowout

Wow are we ever good - undefeated this year!  S95 - not exactly an "action camera".....

Outdoor Sculpture at the Lauritzen Garden

We finally had a day filled with sunshine.  We went up to the opening of this display.  These are all ceramic pieces.  He had another style that were giant faces, but I didn't take any pictures of those.  Anyway they are on display this season only.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A young man and his angel dog

I had the pleasure of meeting this young man on Friday.  What an inspiration he is.  I'm doing a photo project for the Madonna Angel Dog program and this was one of the therapy sessions I followed.  7D+17-55 ISO 1,000 and flash with VerteX flash diffuser.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

From the blind....P&S

Having a P&S camera along comes in so handy.  It does a fine job of capturing the light for landscape pictures.  It is much easier than trying to switch out lenses all of the time. 

Way too much fun with a P&S camera - blind at Rowe

The incredible Canon 1D classic

This is such a "National Geographic" camera.  Every time I shoot with it, I am so impressed by the 3D quality of the images.  They just pop out of the screen.  Very, very different than my other cameras.  

Early morning cranes

I love doing early, early morning photography in the blind.  The cranes are still sleeping and/or not moving around much.  I like it because you have to shoot "blind".  You cannot have your camera display on at all, so there is no way to review your pictures.  You get what you get and sometimes they're great, and like a lot of my pictures - I totally missed the manual focus this morning.  Oh well, I did get it right a couple of times.

Visitor at the blind - shooting in the dark ISO 6,400

The man who dropped us off at the blind said that the guys that were there the night before "heard footsteps" in the middle of the night.  Nice....thanks for giving us ladies that information!  Thankfully Dawn & I didn't share spooky stories as the sun set.  But, a deer did walk into the water and "whoosh" almost all of the cranes flew off.  The ones that stayed on the sandbar - in the first picture - watched the deer very closely.  This was all manual focus as it was totally dark outside.  I have no idea how come the first picture has that "brushed" look across it, but I like it!

Intense colors of the sunset

Cranes at the spa

These are not dead or injured cranes floating down the river.  They are taking a bath.  This was the first time I have ever seen this and it was the most comical thing I have seen in a long time.  There was this 30 feet, or so, long channel where the birds would just flop in.  They would roll and float down the river.  The bath would come to a "screaming" halt when a bird crashed into another one.  It was so strange to see crane legs flopping around up in the air!  I took some great videos of this.